Friday, February 21, 2014

February plans for MGAM–“The People” Paper Pattern Service 581




I’m running very late with this. There are good reasons: upgrading my work website and an editing, words and books blog at A shameless bit of link dropping – but I’m just so glad I’m nearly finished with only some minor (and probably endless) tweaking to go.

I’ve successfully avoided Wordpress until now, largely because I find their constant efforts to upsell  annoying. I appreciate that they need to make money, but really – $30 for a font or colour change?  I was getting so frustrated with the limitations of the free templates, I was nearly tempted. Nearly. I donated the $30 to a Mary River Turtle hatchling instead.

Back to “The People” 581. I obtained this from the UK. It’s undated but obviously from the 1950s. Inside, I found an old newspaper clipping advertising the pattern for ‘the spring bride’:


It’s not long until the end of February, so I’ll do the panties. Once I’ve finished, I’ll post a collection of notes and tips for choosing a vintage panties pattern, or drafting your own.

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